I’m Tami…it’s so nice to meet you!

I’ve always had a burning desire to help other people reach their full potential. I was interested in personal development from a young age and this evolved into an obsession with all things Law of Attraction. After I’d gone through a huge transformation within myself, I realized that too many women are feeling unsatisfied in their personal life AND their business.

This breaks my heart, as I want every women to experience their own mind-blowing, passionate and purpose filled life! Life really does get to be easy if you learn how to work within the Laws of the Universe!

I am a Mental Wealth Training Specialist, a former professional athlete, author and keynote speaker. I have worked with countless high-level entrepreneurs, celebrities, leaders and professional athletes.

I currently reside in Oklahoma with my 10 year old daughter Jacey and our 2 dogs, Sammie and Finnigan.

I’ve been featured on ABC, The Work at Home Woman, Inspire Me Today, and have spoken at numerous events and conferences including: The Fearless Women’s Conference, Women in Youth Sports Leadership Summit and many other amazing events, conferences and seminars.

Who is my 1:1 level coaching for?

I’m here to help as many people as I can to become financially abundant!

That’s my calling.

That’s my job.

That’s what I’m here to do.

And it was my choice to accept the mission.

Now it’s your turn to choose to accept the help.

This is a results driven program –

  • Release resistance and allow money to flow
  • Work less, make more
  • Remove money trauma and financial abundance blocks
  • Reprogram your subconscious beliefs that influence manifestation

Private Coaching Sessions Available

Private Coaching Session: $1,111 USD.

Any questions feel free to email me by clicking here

Client Love – Hear from my clients……

“Ladies if you are serious about removing your wealth blocks take the leap and invest in a 1:1 coaching package with Tami. I promise you that the ROI will astound you.” – Dr. Kara Elam

I want to personally thank Tami, for everyone to see!! Thank you so much! She really opened my eyes to things I never thought of. She completely changed my perspective on many things. Helped me really dive into purpose and what I need to be doing to help others! She completely shifted my mindset around money! This woman is fantastic, I love her and encourage anyone and everyone to work with her if you get the chance. If you’re on the fence, just jump – take that leap! I did and I am forever grateful! Shoot, we’re not even done with our masterclass and I’m already crazy about it!” – Shealeigh Stout

If you ever wondered who can I trust? Who is real anymore… its Tami!! She literally CHANGED my LIFE! Not only my business but my whole world!” – Angie Climer

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